No early start for tourist season in Ballyheigue

Caravan parks stay closed

Dnal Nolan

BALLYHEIGUE'S business community is extremely disappointed that local caravan parks will not open for Easter, following efforts to urge park owners to open in advance of the tourist season to help boost trade in the village.

Operators of the caravan parks, however, fear they would incur heavy costs in terms of water and electricity, among other running costs, for very little gain. They also feel an earlier Easter opening would not attract many additional visitors to the coastal village, The Kerryman has learned.

Businesses in Ballyheigue are understood to be extremely disapointed that caravan parks will not open early.

The business community held meetings with park owners on a number of occasions recently in which they pleaded with them to open their gates at Easter.

Businesses in the town, including its pubs and shops, say that any increase in numbers for the period would represent a welcome boost to trade. "Even if only 20 people came, that could mean a lot for the village and we would urge the caravan park owners to open earlier at Easter instead of the May Bank Holiday weekend," one business man said.

The caravan parks opened at Easter, traditionally, until the recession bit and owners were forced by high operating costs to push the season back. Members of the local business community say however that they doubt the earlier opening would cost caravan park operators too much money.