New taxi rank yet to win over public

Simon Brouder

The new taxi rank in Tralee has received a decidedly mixed response with some taxi drivers and commuters refusing to use it.

While the rank - which was introduced last Tuesday and is located next to the Boots outlet in the Tesco and Abbey car parks - has been busy during the day, it has been noticeably quiet in the evening, particularly after dark.

A number of taxi drivers have told The Kerryman that they will not use the rank and are instead opting to drive around the town centre looking for fares.

The main complaints are coming from women who say they would not feel safe using the rank which is located in a poorly lit area that attracts little foot traffic after peak business hours.

With few using the new rank after dark - particularly on week nights - several de facto ranks have popped up around town with many customers to be seen waiting for taxis outside The Brogue Inn on Rock Street and near the junction of Castle Street and Ashe Street.

One night last week, The Kerryman waited at the new rank for 20 minutes during which time not one taxi passed by.

On moving towards lower Rock Street we were able to hail a passing taxi in less than a minute.

A number of taxi drivers have said they are now relying on phone trade.

The situation should be improved somewhat with the introduction of a new night time only taxi rank on Edward Street.

Once the pedestrianisation works on The Mall are complete, taxis will also be able to use loading bays there to wait for customers at night.


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