Murderer gets four life sentences

THE man convicted of murdering two women and two children in a Newcastle West house killed his former partner and chid because she had left him, before killing her eldest child and her partner who walked in on the attack.

John Geary, of Meadow Court, Newcastle West, received four life sentences at the central Criminal Court on Monday, where it emerged that he stabbed his four victims - including a five month old daughter - a total of 60 times, using five different weapons.

Geary stabbed his partner Sarah Hines and their baby Amy at their house in Hazelgrove, Newcastle West, on November 15, 2012, before turning the knife on Sarah's three year sold son Reece and her best friend Alicia Brough when they walked in on the attack.

The court heard that Geary, originally from Milford in North Cork, covered the dead bodies with blankets, drank a glass of milk and changed his clothes before walking home. He then travelled by bus to Kilkee where he checked into a guesthouse and had a drink at the bar. The following morning, however he poned a friend and admitted the killings, before visiting a few bars in the area where he was eventualy arrested.

The pathologist at the scene found that Ms Hines had struggled to defend herself, but would have collapsed once she sustained knife wounds to her heart and lungs. He explained that Ms Brough then sustained 14 to 16 wounds to various parts of her body.

It also emerged that Geary used a screwdriver to kill Reece, inflicting 15 wounds on the boy, and stabbed his baby daughter nine times.

Insp O'Neill said that Geary met Sarah Hines in 2008 and that they'd had an on-off relationship until she became pregnant with Amy in 2009. They had become close again after the birth, but split again soon afterwards.

"It's our belief that Mr Geary was driven out of jealousy and control," he said. "As far as she was concerned, they had split. He wasn't accepting that."