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More CCTV to stamp out litter louts


Kerry County Council is in the process of purchasing a number of new covert, roving CCTV cameras in an effort to stamp out illegal dumping around the county.

The local authority has also agreed to put a costing together to erect even more cameras in the near future, as the incidence of indiscriminate dumping continues to increase,

At Monday's meeting of the Tralee Municipal District on Monday, Cllr Norma Foley asked that a camera be placed at the Short Mountain (pictured above) which is fast becoming a litter blackspot.

While welcoming management's decision to purchase six covert, roving cameras in the coming weeks - which will moved around the county on a regular basis - a number of councillors called for even more money to be put aside for the erection of more cameras.

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Newly elected Mayor of Kerry, Cllr Pat McCarthy, even suggested that all seven council members put €1,000 of their councillors' allocations towards the cost of more cameras.

Cllr Terry O'Brien said that cameras are the only way of identifying those responsible, saying that until they are named and shamed in the media on prosecution, the problem will continue.

"I don't know if we're a dirty race or what, but until these people are caught and reported in the papers, nothing is going to change," he said,. "We have tidy towns groups killing themselves week in week out, only for someone to throw their take-away box out the window."

Acting Executive Officer, John Breen, agreed to come back with further costings at the next meeting of members.