Mixed reaction over 'things not to do in Tralee' Facebook page

THERE'S been a mixed reaction to a new Facebook page which asks the public for their suggestions of what "not to do in Tralee."

Set up in the last week, the "999 Things not to do in Tralee" facebook page asks users to point out their least favourite things about life in the county capital.

Seemingly set up in response to two recently released promotional videos extolling the virtues of the town, the page has already attracted over 5,000 viewers. So far hundreds of Facebook users, the majority of whom appear to be from Tralee, have added comments to the page.

While much of the page's content is relatively harmless - for example it contains discussions about how slippy the square can become in wet weather and criticism of the service in some businesses - other comments have raised the ire of some Tralee locals.

One comment in particular, the first post on the page which says simply "Don't live here," led several people to contact The Kerryman and voice their disgust at the Facebook page.

Others criticised the fact that a number of well known faces from Tralee's streets are named, in some cases pictured, and openly mocked on the page.

While this is the case, the page also features numerous positive messages about the town, including references to the legacy of Donal Walsh and numerous Tralee attractions.

Tralee Chamber Alliance said that they are aware of the page but did not want to comment on it . The Alliance has since released a list of 30 recent positive achievements in Tralee.


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