Mickey's ballad gets over 100,000 hits on YouTube

Listowel balladeer Mickey McConnell. www.annmcnamee.ie
Listowel balladeer Mickey McConnell. www.annmcnamee.ie

IRISH people just can't get enough of the surprise hit of the autumn, Mickey McConnell's Ballad of Lidl and Aldi, which has just exceeded 100,000 hits on YouTube in what is a notable achievement for the Listowel balladeer.

Most surprised of all by the success is its creator, who takes it as a lesson in the power of social media. Mickey said he can't believe the increasing viewer figures on YouTube but is putting it down to the comic tune striking a note everyone can identify with.

The ballad is all about his rather short-lived joy at shopping in the cut-price German supermarkets. Mickey's song attests to him buying everything in sight from the Germans for a period of time until his wife cuts up his credit card to keep him from buying more chainsaws and wetsuits.

It's a clever metaphor for the entire Irish economic experience, but it's a stomping great tune apart from anything else, hitting 'common' ground as Mickey explains.

"It's getting an amazing reaction. The Kerry Gathering TV crew were down filming our summer theatre in John B's and they asked me to stand up and sing the ballad. We did it in one take, they put it up and it's just taken off from there.

"It shows what a wonderful vehicle the social media and YouTube are. I'm astonished by the reaction to be honest, but it's a great example of how depressed the country is when something comes along that's a bit of a laugh and gets this kind of response."

Mickey says that it is often the songs that come quickest to him that strike the greatest chord with listeners. "I'm a great believer in the common place and I think once you write a song that captures the commonplace everyone can identify with it!"


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