Meeting for sheep farmers

Caltech’s David Morgan who will chair the sheep meeting in Tralee on Tuesday, January 28.
Caltech’s David Morgan who will chair the sheep meeting in Tralee on Tuesday, January 28.

Caltech Crystalyx will host an advisory meeting for sheep farmers in the Manor West Hotel, Tralee, on Tuesday January 28.

Events get underway at 8pm and the theme for the evening will be 'managing the pre-lambing ewe'.

The main speaker will be nutritionist Dr Cliff Lister, who will relate the latest research findings on how best to manage breeding ewes in those all-important weeks up to lambing.

He will detail the best ways to minimise lamb mortality rates at birth and how to ensure that newborn lambs can secure maximum daily growth rates.

The second speaker will be farming journalist and consultant Richard Halleron. The contributor will reflect his views on how the latest CAP reform agreements will impact on the Irish sheep sector.

The meeting will be chaired by David Morgan, from Caltech Crystalyx.

Significantly, scanning results from the Kerry area are confirming that ewes are carrying high numbers of lambs – up to 185% on some farms. But according to David Morgan, there is absolutely no room for complacency.

"This is only half the story. The challenge confronting sheep producers now is to ensure that all of this potential is converted into fruitful reality come the early months of 2014," he stressed.

"One obvious way of achieving this is to ensure that ewes are best placed to make optimal use of the forages made available to them in the run up to lambing."

"Possibly, the most economical way of achieving this is to place Crystalyx Extra High Energy feed tubs out in the fields with the flocks, at this time of the year.

"The buckets provide a good balance of protein and energy and a complete balance of vitamins and minerals, therefore correcting nutrient deficiencies and improving forage digestibility in a highly palatable lick," he said.


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