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Man poured urine over assault victim

A man who was alleged to have poured urine over another man who walked past him on the street has received a four-month jail sentence at Cahersiveen District Court.

Christoph Bardges with an address at Cappamore, Kells, came before Cahersiveen District Court for two separate assault charges last week.

The first of these occurred on April 18, 2019, when it was alleged that Mr Bardges poured urine over the victim while he was walking past him in Cahersiveen.

Mr Bardges solicitor, Padraig O'Connell, said that his client denied the substance poured over the injured party was urine.

"He would say it was water, not urine. It is a large leap between water and urine and the seriousness of it,"he said

Sgt Miriam Mulhall-Nolan said the injured party believed it was urine.

She said that the two men involved "rub each other up the wrong way."

Mr O'Connell said his client has "extreme medical difficulties" .

Mr Bardges was also before the court for an assault charge that occurred in May 2019, when he ran up behind the victim and struck him on the lip.

This incident was captured on CCTV.

The court heard Mr Bardges has eight previous convictions - one of which was for assault causing harm and for which he was given an 18-month suspended sentence.

Judge David Waters said Mr Bardges had already been given one chance by the court yet, despite this, he had gone out and assaulted again.

"The circuit court deemed it serious enough for an 18-month suspended sentence, and he goes out and does it again. The next step is a custodial sentence," Judge Waters said.

The suspended sentence offence occurred in 2013, and the case was heard in 2016, so the suspended sentence doesn't come into play, argued Mr O'Connell. He added jail was not appropriate for his client, who said he was remorseful for what had occurred.

However, Judge Waters said this was not the point, stating that a suspended sentence was not a deterrent to Mr Bardges, and he convicted him and sentenced him to four months for both assaults to run concurrently.