Man drove without insurance on six different occasions

A 20-year-old man who wants to join the British Army has been banned from driving for 12 years and has paid over €3,000 to the poor box - after driving without insurance on six different occasions in Kenmare and in Killarney.

Robin Martin, of Cappanacush West, Greenane, Killarney pleaded guilty at Kenmare District Court to driving without insurance on September 25, 2016 ; and January 14, April 18, May 7, May 9, and June 10 , 2017 at locations in Kenmare and Killarney.

Kenmare Sgt Derek Fleming said there was "no excuse " and he should have learned his lesson after the first time. However, he kept driving without insurance and the detections were all within a short time frame.

"He's not a trouble maker per se," the sergeant said in reply to Judge James O'Connor.

Mr Martin's solicitor Padraig O'Connell said his client was in court with his mother. His father was very ill. He asked that he would not get jail. His client accepted he would be convicted and he also already paid €2,250 to the court poor box.

His mother had borrowed a further €1,000 which was also donated to the poor box at the court sitting on Friday.

"We have a young man working all hours in the hotels to put money aside for the poor box. He has applied to become a member of the armed forces in the six counties." Mr O'Connell said.

However the army application could not progress if he were jailed said Mr O'Connell.

Judge O'Connor asked the man's mother if she were Irish and the woman said she was.

"It's the Irish guards regiment he wants to join," the woman said.

Judge O'Connor convicted him on all six counts and banned him from driving for 12 years but warned he would be jailed if he came before him again. A fine of €125 was also imposed.