'Lunatic' young driver caused cyclist to crash

A MAN in his 20s, who eye witnesses said was "driving like a lunatic", forced competitors in the Helly Hansen Killarney Adventure Race off the road on Saturday as he sped down the Gap of Dunloe against oncoming cyclists and forced one off the road and into a lake, before colliding with two buses at Kate Kearney's Cottage.

There were no injuries reported and only material damage to the buses, but the competitor who crashed into the lake was seen to be in distress after the incident, although not physically injured, according to eye witnesses.

The incident happened at 9:20am, just a few minutes after the start of the race at Kate Kearney's Cottage.

The roads along the race route were open during the event but drivers were urged to proceed with caution when passing competitors, whether they were cycling or running.

Race organisers Elite Event Management declined to comment on the matter and Gardaí have said that they are treating the incident as a traffic accident.

The cyclist continued on in the race after recovering from the fall and Gardaí have received no complaint from the person on the matter.

"He was speeding down the road like a lunatic when he sent one of the racers into the lake and he hit a few buses down at Kate Kearney's afterwards," said one eye witness.

The Helly Hensen Killarney Adventure Race continued without further incident and organisers described the day as "a great success".


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