Listowel Youtube battle under investigation



TWO young men beat each other until they were both too exhausted to continue in a bare knuckle fight in Listowel on Monday morning.

The incident, which is currently being investigated by local gardaí, took place in an industrial estate in the town and shows two men - one from Tralee and other from Listowel - punching each other while a group of onlookers egg them on.

The footage 'Monday Morning Bare Knuckle Fight Listowel' was posted on YouTube at 11.55am on Monday morning and shows the men squaring up to each other for a minute and a half, before both give up due to visible exhaustion.

In the clip, described on Youtube as 'A Tralee dude and a Listowel pucking the sh**e out of each other' shows one bare-chested, tattooed man body-slamming the other to the ground, where both appear to wrestle for about 10 seconds. They then get to their feet and continue to punch each other in the face and chest. One appears to be bleeding over his right eye. Throughout the 90-second clip, onlookers can be heard encouraging one of the fighters by name.

After almost a minute and a half of relentless punching, both men appear physically exhausted and stop the fight. While some onlookers encourage them to shake hands afterwards, another man can be heard insisting that they don't. It is unclear from the footage, however, whether or not the men acknowledge each other afterwards.

The Youtube clip, which has a viewer age restriction of 18, has already been viewed over 1,900 times.

Gardaí in Listowel told The Kerryman that they are examining the footage with a view to identifying the participants and will be treating the matter like any other public order incident.

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