Landslide passes by ‘the field’

Stacks Mountains area for many decades, the weekend’s landslide mercifully spared one or two local areas long-associated with the nation’s favourite dramatic works.

Most notably, the plot of land which inspired John B Keane’s play ‘The Field’ escaped the massive landslide. Based on the murder of Moss Moore, ‘The Field’ played into the deep hold that land holds in the Irish psyche, garnering rave reviews and a Hollywood version years later.

The weekend’s earth-shattering movements, however, passed by Moss Moore’s land - where a dispute over a border is thought to have led to his death - at one or two miles remove.

Nor was Dan Paddy Andy’s land harmed in any way by the incident. The famous matchmaker – who inspired another famous work or two by John B Keane – was recently celebrated at the local festival in his name.