KSPCA probe death of emaciated horse found in Derrymore

The mare found on Derrymore.
The mare found on Derrymore.

Fergus Dennehy

Kerry SPCA has confirmed that an investigation is currently underway into the death of a 12-year-old mare, which was found badly injured and emaciated at Derrymore Strand on Monday.

Due to the ongoing investigation, Animal Welfare Inspector Kerrie Ryan said that he could not divulge too much of the injuries suffered by the animal, but he did confirm that the injuries were quite severe; it died at the scene, shortly after a vet arrived.

"We received a call from the Tralee Gardaí at 8:15am on Monday morning about a 12-year-old mare was found at the edge of the car park, just where the road turns to sand," Mr Ryan said.

"This was a fairly small chestnut mare, approximately 12 years old and it was very emaciated.

"This did not happen overnight - someone somewhere in the county must have seen something over the last few months and we urge them to contact the Gardaí," he said.