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King Puck ‘back in the shade’ again as Danny Healy-Rae says the goat is fine


Crowning glory...Queen of Puck Alesha Williams crowns King Puck for 2022 at Puck Fair in Killorglin,

Crowning glory...Queen of Puck Alesha Williams crowns King Puck for 2022 at Puck Fair in Killorglin,

Crowning glory...Queen of Puck Alesha Williams crowns King Puck for 2022 at Puck Fair in Killorglin,


King Puck is this afternoon ‘back in the shade’ after spending last night on his throne in Killorglin.

The goat was removed yesterday morning from his stand due to soaring temperatures and monitored throughout the day and last night he was reinstated once temperatures cooled again. 

Given today’s rising temperatures he has once again being taken down and is being monitored by a vet. 

Kerry TD Danny Healy-Rae has said he has seen the goat and he is fine. He welcomed the decision to reinstate the goat yesterday evening and said it was the “was the right thing to do”

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Mr Healy-Rae said Puck Fair was of huge social importance to all of south Kerry.

He said it was "sad to see" people "interfere and interrupt this “great” event and that the goat would be released back into the wild “in better

shape” than he was brought down.

“If the goat was above in Carrauntoohil, or below in the Black Valley would a vet be monitoring him every hour?” he asked on Radio Kerry.

“I saw the goat and the goat is fine. I was glad to be see that people were enjoying themselves in Killorglin last night and not locked up like we have been for the past few years.”

In a statement from Puck Fair organisers they said the goat is being well-looked after. 

"Following hourly veterinary checks and a clean bill of health, King Puck was reinstated on the stand last night once temperatures dropped. Today he is back in the shade with plenty of cold water and food while his hourly veterinary checks continue.”

Today is Scattering day and the final day of Puck Fair when the goat will be formerly dethroned this evening. 

Singer Declan Nerney who performed at Puck Fair last night, has also said he is an “animal lover” and would not want any harm to come to King Puck.

The Longford native performed to  an audience of 10,000 people, he took to the stage at 9.45pm.

He said there was an “incredible atmosphere” at the fair last night and that King Puck was in the cage on the 50ft structure during the performance.

“My friend was there as well, he was on his mound there. He had his back to me an awful lot of the time. He was above me on the stage, it’s quite a little height up,” he told RTÉ’s Liveline.

“There was a general chat about it about what was the situation and I think the people in their wisdom took the goat down off his height during the hot day and he was well looked after.

“I would be an animal lover and I would definitely be against anybody having any cruelty to animals of any kind. I would say of the 10,000 people that were there last night, there’s not one of them would have wanted to see a hair damaged on that goat’s back.”

Speaking on the same programme, well known vet Pete Wedderburn said King Puck could be replaced by a statue.

“As far as I can see this tradition is valued immensely by the local community but for me, I think it’s important that we don’t just blindly follow what we’ve always done,” he said.

“Instead, we should thoughtfully apply contemporary ethics and what that means in particular is that our understanding of animal sentience has changed significantly in the last 30 years.

“In my view, perhaps it’s time for King Puck to stand down, to be replaced by a non-sentient representation of a goat.”