Kind Alison's ponytail is for the chop

Alison McGaley pictured with the pony-tail she was getting cut Wednesday for charity.
Alison McGaley pictured with the pony-tail she was getting cut Wednesday for charity.

ABOUT a year ago 18-year-old Alison McGaley from Knockardtry read an article about The Rapunzel Foundation and it prompted her to grow a long, silky ponytail - which is now facing the chop.

It for a good cause, the Rapunzel Foundation which works to improve the lives of children and adults living with alopecia (hair loss), through fund raising as well as through hair donations.

"In this article I read about how expensive it is to purchase a wig made of natural hair. I decided to let the layers grow out of my hair and that I would donate my hair to go towards making a natural hair wig for a child with Alopecia," said Alison.

"The minimum donation is 14 inches, so my hair will be quite short when I cut off a 14 inch ponytail. I love my long hair but I am fortunate because my hair will grow back over time whereas the hair of the boys and girls who have alopecia will not grow," she added.

A wig made of natural hair is priceless in terms of lifestyle confidence and self-esteem for children with alopecia, which gives Alison a sense of the value of her gift.

She is also getting sponsorship for donating her hair and that money will also go to the charity as well as to Bru Columbanus and is very grateful to her teachers and fellow students in Castleisland Community College who held a 'no uniform day' last Friday May to help the fundraiser.

"I would like more people to become aware of this charity and encourage them to consider donating 14 inches of hair to this worthy cause.

I am dividing the money I raise between Rapunzel and Bru Columbanus, which provides ' home-from-home' accommodation for relatives of seriously ill patients in any of the Cork hospitals. I will be having my hair cut on this Wednesday at Edel's Hair Salon, Tralee.

"I want to thank everyone that has supported me in my fundraising for both of these charities so far."


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