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Kerry's love cheats in a rush to log on for affairs

INFIDELITY is on the rise in Kerry, if new figures published by a website for people seeking an affair are to be believed.

According to figures published by website, which is designed to accommodate people who want to cheat on their partners, there are a huge number of people in Kerry seeking to play away from home.

The site, which was launched in Ireland in 2009, now has 3,692 members in Kerry. This is one of the highest figures in the country outside of the major cities. According to the site about a third of these users are women.

Users of the site, described as attached people by the website, can use it to flirt with other people who are married or in a relationship through online chat services and message boards.

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The site even includes tips and advice on how people who meet on the site can meet in the real world without attracting suspicion from their respective partners.

While the site claims it doesn't actually encourage people to have affairs, and says people in unhappy marriages or relationships should seek counselling, some of its adverts seem to tell a differant story. A recent newspaper ad campaign run by the website in New York caused outrage recently with its message "Life's too short, have an affair."

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