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Kerry’s first non-alcoholic club to have launch night this Thursday in Tralee

One of the organisers, Tralee’s Lisa Curran, said that the group behind the campaign are not ‘anti-drink’ or in competition with any other businesses; they simply want to give people the option of being able to go to an alcohol free venue.


Lisa Curran is one of those involved in setting up, 'The Virtue Club' in what will be Kerry's first non-alcoholic club.

Lisa Curran is one of those involved in setting up, 'The Virtue Club' in what will be Kerry's first non-alcoholic club.

Lisa Curran is one of those involved in setting up, 'The Virtue Club' in what will be Kerry's first non-alcoholic club.


The growing popularity of non-alcoholic or ‘0.0’ drinks has been happening for a while with more and more companies such as Heineken and Guinness offering customers a zero alcohol version of their drinks.

Such has the popularity of non-alcoholic Guinness become that one bartender in Tralee recently told this writer that when they inquired about getting the drink for their pub, they were told they would have to go on a waiting list until potentially February, such is the demand for it.

Taking all of this, it’s then no surprise to hear then that one Tralee woman, Lisa Curran, has taken it upon herself to set up what will be Kerry's first non-alcoholic club in Tralee, the launch night for which will take this at ‘The Cocktail Heist’ at Croí on Thursday, October 28 from 7pm to 11pm.

‘The Virtue Club’, which is what the club has been named, is the result of many hard weeks of networking by Lisa and others and speaking to The Kerryman this week, she hopes that it will be successful because it would just give people an “extra option” for a night out.

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"I just put out feelers and asked 'would this be something people would be interested in?' I got onto a few venues then to see what they had option wise for space and stock and everything and Croí just had this atmosphere that was second to none really for the kind of vibe we're going for where it's really relaxed, it's a night out, you have a few nibbles with your friends, there's entertainment there and you're just having a good night,” said Lisa.

"We're doing it as an exclusively non-alcoholic night out because we want to test the waters to see if it is a viable thing to open a venue on its own. There's one specific club in Dublin that opened up and they've had to expand and open a second and third venue because it's so popular. If the big cities can do it, why not have something down here,” she continued.

Going on, Lisa said that they’re not against people who drink, they don’t hate drink and that they’re not looking to take business away from other bars, they simply just want people to have a choice. 

"We been in talks with a specific place to have it for weekends and that it will be exclusively non-alcoholic and that's what we hope to build up to, to have this non-alcoholic venue. It's not that we're anti-drink. It's just that there are people that are recovering alcoholics or those that can be triggered by drunk people for their own personal reasons and we just want to be able to offer them a place where it's exclusively non-alcoholic," she said.

"We just want it to be fun, to be light-hearted and I want to emphasise that it's not competition with other pubs or anything like that. It's literally just about giving people an extra option of somewhere to go,” she finished.

For Thursday night’s launch at Croí, spaces are filling up fast so booking is essential by contacting 066 712 0685