Kerry team nutritionist Kevin leading diet revolution in Listowel

Kevin Beasley at the Listowel soccer grounds
Kevin Beasley at the Listowel soccer grounds

Fresh from his trip to the Sunshine State with the Kerry panel, team nutritionist and Listowel native Kevin Beasley is getting ready to share his expertise with all in his home town in a new series of talks at the Community Centre.

Starting on Monday, January 25, next at 7pm, the Nutrition Workshops are set to enlighten an already fitness-conscious town even more deeply about positive changes in diet.

Even if we struggle to act on it we all know about the recommended food advice these days - not least the need to bin the sugar, a topic that seems to be everywhere in the media these days.

But Kevin's expert eye goes much deeper and he'll be on hand to help everyone participating tailor their diet for their own unique requirements.

"Some of the first questions I'll be helping answer are 'what does a healthy diet look like?' and 'what should we look out for when we go shopping?'. I'll be talking about general cooking and food preparation strategies at the beginning of the series too as it can help all of us to have food prepared in advance."

Even for the most sporty, weight loss can prove a major issue and Kevin is keen to help people address this.

"I meet lots of people who are training hard but not shifting weight they way they expect. I had one client who was training five days a week but couldn't lose the pounds. Often, food is behind it. It might be the case they are eating foods high in sugar and/or eating at the wrong time of day."

"Recovery is a huge issue too. I find a lot of people simply don't recover properly from training. They come back from a run have a cup of tea and go to bed then wake-up wondering what's wrong with them the following morning!" Motivation and willingness are key - you have to make the effort. But as Kevin says the benefits are often extraordinary. The series is free for Community Centre members/€10 for non-members.