Kerry gets just 2% of new Gardaí

Deputy John Brassil criticises Fine Gael over Garda resources

Sinead Kelleher

Only 41 new garda recruits have been assigned to Kerry in the past four years out of the total of 2,361 new gardaí that have come out of Templemore Garda Training College. 

The new figures released by the Department of Justice outline what divisions recently qualified gardaí were allocated to, and Kerry has  just two per cent of the new recruits. 

Fianna Fáil TD for Kerry John Brassil has criticised the lack of gardaí allocated to the county and stated that  communities across the county are worried about lack of gardaí on the ground. 

"Communities across Kerry - particularly in rural areas - are genuinely worried about the lack of Garda resources in their area," he said. 

"Local people feel the lack of Garda visibility is affording criminals a greater opportunity to carry out crime sprees."

Deputy Brassil said that more investment in garda resources is needed in Kerry.  

"I have been warning for some time that we need to see serious investment in Garda resources in Kerry," he said. 

"Under Fine Gael, we have seen the closure of a number of Garda stations, with the promise of 'smart' policing - something which has yet to materialise," he said, adding that the figures released about garda numbers are 'unsurprising' and 'worrying'. 

"Only 41 new Garda recruits have been assigned to the Kerry division since 2015 - out of a total of 2,361. That's less than two per cent.

"Given the fact that over three per cent of the population live in Kerry, the number of Gardaí allocated to the county falls well below what it should be. 

"In fact, based on the current population, Kerry should have received at least 70 new recruits over the past four years," Deputy Brassil feels.  He has vowed to continue his calls for more resources. 

"I will be following up with the Justice Minster to ensure that Kerry gets its fair share of resources when the next allocations are made," he said.