Jarveys take some cover as tourists feel the heat

Kevin Hughes

KILLARNEY'S jarveys haven't looked back ever since they took a leap of faith and bought covers for their world famous jaunting cars.

That was just two years ago and the move broke with decades of tradition that saw open carriages whisk many thousands of tourists into the National Park or elsewhere.

Of course, the move was catalysed by several extremely wet summers as passengers were forced to take cover from the incessant rain with just a blanket and the odd umbrella.

But these past few weeks it seems the covers have been shielding passengers not from the rain but from the, may we call it, 'incessant' sunshine.

"The covers have made a huge difference, doubling as a sunshade," Killarney Jarvey spokesperson Pat O'Sullivan agrees.

"Of course that wasn't the intention first day but they're perfect now for shielding the sun and the open sides let the breeze flow through making it a comfortable trip for everyone," Pat continues.

It would seem logical that the upturn in weather has helped boost business but Pat says that equation doesn't necessarily add up.

"In the extreme heat many people go to the coast and the beaches and so it doesn't really mean an upturn for us. In the evenings, though, it does pick up and that's because the temperatures have started to die down a little," Pat states.

As for the hard working horses, Pat says the jarveys are currently rotating their horses much more frequently, once every two or three days as opposed to every five or six.

"We also take it easier on the animals and much more water is taken on board too," Pat adds.