IT Tralee and KDYS join forces

IT TRALEE and the KDYS have joined forces to see how they can better serve the needs of young people in Kerry.

On Tuesday the two organisations formalised a partnership which will see them explore "new and creative ways" in which they can work together for the benefit of young people.

Over the years KDYS has introduced a range of youth programmes through which the KDYS and the ITT have worked together to look at the needs of young people. The new memorandum of understanding between the two organisations will now see them increasing and formalising those collaborations.

"The agreement is designed to formally oversee that our expertise, together with the extensive range of expertise within ITT, will ensure that communities and young people in the South West will benefit from new innovations now and into the future. Both KDYS and ITT plan our initiatives on the needs of our communities throughout County Kerry and beyond and this partnership will strive to ensure that this approach will lead to greater opportunities for young people and adults alike," said the KDYS Tim O'Donoghue.

President of ITT Dr Oliver Murphy said the institute and KDYS have always enjoyed a strong working relationship.

"This Memorandum of Understanding will see both organisations further enhance this relationship as we work jointly on a number of projects.

"These projects will contribute to the creation of a more inclusive and effective Learning Society in Kerry and the betterment of the communities which we serve. Together we will work towards supporting the youth of our county and the communities in which they live encouraging them to achieve their maximum potential," he said.