'I don't think I'll even register to vote'

Cillian Comerford (17) -
Cillian Comerford (17) - "Just because you don’t have an interest in politics, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the right to vote."

THE talk from the government about looking at lowering the voting age to 16 has sparked a debate across the country.

We took to the streets of Tralee to get the views of the people who would be directly affected and put into the spotlight by this new motion, the younger generation.

"The current government is only alright," said Owen McGovern, 19, Tralee. Some 16 year olds would be better capable of voting on politics than others. I couldn't wait to vote. I would love to have been able to vote at 16," he added.

"If 16 year olds watch the news, then they would have an interest in politics and therefore should be able to vote," said David O'Brien, 18, Tralee. "The older generation have voted the best they can with the choices they had. I wouldn't necessarily be influenced by my parents in which way to vote and would make up my own mind," he said.

"I would have voted at 16 if I was given the chance, said Cillian Comerford, 17, Tralee. "Just because you don't have an interest in politics, doesn't mean you shouldn't have the right to vote. I think the current government is a joke and Enda Kenny is not up to standard as a leader," he said.

"Sixteen year olds should be allowed to vote," said Yasmin Humble, 18, Castlegregory. "I have a huge interest in politics and want to study it at third level next year. I have more of a large interest in worldwide politics, especially British. I don't follow Irish politics much closely as I don't have much interest in it," she offered.

"I wouldn't have voted at 16 because I have no interest in politics," said Amy Jones, 17, Castlegregory. "I don't think I will even register to vote."


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