Hospital scan review is nearing completion

The ongoing review of suspect scans at University Hospital Kerry is expected to be complete within weeks.

An update from the HSE's South/South West Hospital Group on the progress of the review stated that, as of Tuesday morning, 33,389 images out of 46,325 suspect scans have now been reviewed.

The HSE said that the reviews completed so far account for approximately 75 per cent of the 26,756 patients affected.

The investigation - which covers x-rays, cat scans and ultra sounds - involves a review of all scans examined by a locum radiologist employed at the hospital between March 2016 and July 2017. It was prompted by the discovery, last summer, of three missed cancer diagnoses had not been noticed by the locum.

To date 45 patients have been recalled for new scans. The recheck has uncovered seven missed cancer diagnoses.