Hopes that Mike Curran can return at Christmas

Tadhg Evans

A relative of Waterville man Mike Curran said the injured cyclist hopes to return from London to Kerry ahead of Christmas, subject to medical approval.

Mr Curran sustained a range of horrific injuries after colliding with a car between Reims and Paris in October.

Among these injuries were five brain haemorrhages, bleeding in his lungs, two fractured ribs, and broken cheekbones, fingers, and nose.

He and his girlfriend, Sara O'Shea, were into the final weeks of a round-the-world cycling trip when the incident happened.

After initial treatment in France, he has received treatment at The Wellington Hospital in London since early November, "And is making progress every day", according to a relative of his, Kieran Clifford.

It is now hoped he can return home for a few days in the near future.

"He is now very eager to return home for a short time, as he has not been able to for a while, and he is definitely making progress," Kieran explained to The Kerryman.

"The treatment is astonishing, and it's addressing every possible outcome that could arise from a traumatic brain injury.

"He is having some issues with his balance, and he is feeling fatigued as he is undergoing a lot of medical treatment and attention. His physical strength has been affected, too, because he has spent a lot of time in bed and will need to rebuild some lost muscle mass.

"But he is improving day by day. He can stay up a little longer, he is less tired, and he has maintained his sense of humour and good spirit. He is a hard, hard worker, and I think his time involved with GAA has stood to him in that sense."

Between online GoFundMe donations and offline funds, Kieran explained that the campaign to raise money for Mike's medical needs has reached 'about half' of the €300,000 needed for his estimated six months' treatment. One can donate online at www.gofundme.com/tddwfd-bring-mike-home.

Medics advised that Mike needed immediate treatment to ensure the best outcome, and family research found that The Wellington Hospital was the best choice as facing a six-month waiting list for the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dún Laoghaire was not feasible. The treatment costs some €12,500 a month.

"We're astounded at the generosity we've seen so far," Kieran said. "We'd like to wish all those who have helped Mike's cause a very happy Christmas and New Year."

A benefit dance for Mike will take place in the Mazenod Social Club, formerly the Quex Road Catholic Club, on Quex Road, Kilburn, London, from 8pm on February 9. Tickets cost £5.

One can contact whefog@yahoo.co.uk for further information.