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School teacher Will Nolan from Tralee sets up a classroom from his home

School teacher Will Nolan from Tralee sets up a classroom from his home

School teacher Will Nolan from Tralee sets up a classroom from his home

Tralee man Will Nolan is one of thousands of teachers across the country who this week find themselves giving their students classes online.

Like many other teachers Will is primarily using online 'Virtual Learning Systems' such as Google Classroom to share notes; provide lesson and learning plans and to set and grade homework.

However the Mercy Mounthawk teacher - who also works in digital marketing and media - is offering additional classes to every student in Ireland via YouTube, where he is posting regular video tutorials from his high-tech home classroom in Tralee.

"It's a very strange situation we're in but we'll get through it. I'm slightly luckier with set up and experience I have from my other work, but the facilities are available online that will allow teaching go on as normally as possible," he said.

Mr Nolan said that, as most schools already use systems like Google Classroom, teachers and students likely already have a good grasp on what to do but will have to use the programmes to their full potential.

"In my school we use Google Classroom and we have 1,250 students that are all connected and divided into class and timetable subgroups," he said.

Throughout the shutdown those students will all be sent notes and assignments and feedback using the online system.

"It's simple, anybody can do it," said Will.

In fact he can see a positive in the crisis.

"In one sense there is something good in all this. It will give students a good idea of what its like to work remotely and teach them that they may not always be working side by side in a team. Remote working is going to be huge for the future, and we'll have a generation of students very familiar with it.

"They say every cloud has a silver lining and it's actually a 'Cloud' that make all this possible."

To find his videos on YouTube search for IrishGraphicsTeacher. You can also follow him at @willnolannet on Twitter where he posts useful advice for students and teachers.