Hip hop spoof is a festival hit

A CASTLEISLAND man's Spinal Tap-style spoof documentary, laying bare the Cork hip-hop scene, is attracting such attention in 'the real capital' that the premiere at the Cork Film Festival on Friday night has sold out.

'Steamin and Dreamin: The Grandmaster Cash Story,' ostensibly follows the eponymous star around the mean streets on the Lee as he plots his campaign against his hip-hop nemesis from Carrigaline, Dr Feekenstein. In doing so, however, the film manages to parody the loonier elements of Cork's hip-hop scene, while celebrating it lovingly at the same time.

Comedian Tommy Tiernan even makes a cameo appearance towards the end of the film.

Directed by Shaun O'Connor, who has already received some attention from the appearance of extracts on YouTube, the film stars his college friends Con Doyle and Conor Stanley in the lead roles of Grandmaster Cash and Dr Feekenstein.

The film's stars, Con Doyle and Conor Stanley, had engaged in a long-standing slagging match about the local hip-hop scene. When their friend, director and editor Shaun O'Connor, proposed that they film some of the material, the characters quickly began to develop.

Though the project began as a short film, it quickly turned into something much bigger; the three were writing and producing songs at an incredible rate, and the videos/songs uploaded to YouTube and MySpace started to get a huge amount of hits.

The fruits of their work will be on screen in Cork this weekend. With Friday's premiere in The Pavilion nightclub in Cork sold out a second screening has now been added for the following night.