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Grey day for the Greens in Kerry


LONG-time Kerry Green party spokesman David Grey has announced he has quit the party in protest at its support of the government and its change of political direction since taking office.

Grey, who stood as a Green Party candidate in Kerry North at the last general election, quit the party last week after ten years as a member.

"It is a decision I have been pondering for a time and during the Christmas break I reflected on the Green Party and it's performance in government, coupled with the rapidly increasing insignificance of grassroots democracy in the party, I decided that the Green Party I joined ten years ago no longer had the same values today, which left me no other option than to resign and leave," David Grey said.

"The promise by the party that they would make FF more 'green' has backfired with the Greens now becoming more like FF," he said.

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"The party has now gone down the root of decision making solely by parliamentarians and disregards members wishes, the collapse of many policy groups within the party, resignation of policy group chairs and the party losing over 500 members last year is mostly in my opinion down to these factors," Mr Grey said.

David Grey, joined the Greens in 1999 and became the party spokesman for Kerry and later its representative in North Kerry. He stood, unsuccessfully, for both Kerry County Council, in the Tralee ward, and Tralee Town Council in the 2004 and 2009 local elections.

The Green Party has failed to develop any significant political presence in Kerry over the past decade and Grey's vote declined significantly between the two local elections.

In the 2004 County Council election he attracted 561 first preference votes. The 2009 vote saw this fall to 278. At the 2007 General Election he stood as the Green Party candidate in Kerry North where he polled 747 first preference votes and was eliminated at the second count.

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