Get the feeling of the fair

ABBEYDORNEY will take a step back in time this weekend, when locals and visitors alike rekindle memories of the old Fair of the Cross.

For decades, the annual cattle fair was held at the crossroads in Abbeydorney on December 1 - marking three weeks and three days to Christmas.

Up until the fair ended in 1968, farmers from the surrounding districts would descend on the village early in the morning with their cattle. Cattle jobbers from the locality and from outside the county would also gather and when all the wheeling and dealing was done, the cattle sold would be taken to the local railway station and ferried by train to their destinations. Meanwhile the farmers would retire to the local pubs to celebrate their deals.

To mark this special date, McElligott's Bar will host a ' Fair of the Coss' fancy dress party this Saturday night andeveryone attending is asked to dress pre-1968 style. Prizes will be awarded to the most appropriately dressed. There will be lots of music and the wheeling and dealing begins at 8.30pm.

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