Gardai probe attempted abduction



A YOUNG Abbeydorney woman has admitted that her family dog saved her from possible abduction after she set him on a man who stopped his car and insisted she get in.

The local girl (19) told friends that the traumatic incident last Thursday afternoon could have had much more harrowing consequences, had it not been for her labrador who came to her aid when the man got out of his car.

She had already declined a drive to Tralee from the man, believed to be in his 50s, and was forced to set the dog on him when he got out of the vehicle and made his way towards her. Had it not been for the family pet protective nature, she 'would have been long gone' she later admitted to friends.

The incident occurred on a remote country road which links the village to the Tralee/Listowel Road at approximately 3pm on Thursday, while she was out walking her dog. She noticed a car slowing down, and assumed the driver was looking for directions.

As she approached the car, the man - who she didn't' recognise - offered her a lift to Tralee on two occasions, which she refused. He then got out of the car, at which stage she called for her dog who had wandered into a nearby field.

"It was only afterwards, when she got home, that she realised how serious it could have been," a friend told The Kerryman. "Thankfully the dog was with her at the time because who knows what could have happened otherwise. He obviously had no idea the dog was there when he first got out.

"She said afterwards that she would have been long gone had it not been for the dog, who was growling viciously at the man."

The young woman is believed to have told gardaí that the man was in his early 50s and was driving a dark navy car.

Gardai in Tralee confirmed that they are investigating the incident but declined to release any further information.

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