Gang attacks fire crew on way to blaze

Marisa Reidy

A GANG of youngsters pelted firefighters with eggs and stones as they rushed to a blaze that was deliberately started in the shed of an elderly woman's home in Ballybunion on Halloween night.

A blazing plank of timer, doused in petrol, had also been placed under the elderly homeowner's car, but was spotted by a neighbour, who managed to remove it before the car caught fire.

The attack on the fire crew and the local woman's property took place on Thursday evening, hours after firefighters had doused an unlit bonfire at a town centre car park amid fears it could burn out of control if set alight.

The local woman, who is in her seventies and lives alone, was left extremely shaken by the incident, which has been described as unacceptable and disappointing by the crew involved.

A spokesman said: 'Thankfully the fire crew managed to get the situation under control, but this type of behaviour is hugely disappointing when fire fighters are trying to go about their business."


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