From the face of the moon to your face

Mary O'Donnell
Mary O'Donnell

OUR mission was to boldly go and test out the CACI ultimate facial in Beauty by the Beach in Ballybunion.

It combines micro current, facial toning, crystal free orbital microdermabrasion and LED light therapy photo stimulation. Originally developed for treating facial palsy, micro-current therapy is now widely used in physiotherapy for pain control and in hospitals for wound healing. However, in the beauty world it is used for many cosmetic benefits, for example to re-educate muscles, increase blood and lymph circulation, to enhance the penetration of active ingredients and increase the production of collagen.

Microdermabrasion exfoliates the dead, outermost surface of the skin, resulting in a more youthful looking skin. The superficial abrasion of the skin also triggers the body's own natural repair mechanism, resulting in the production of new collagen. It is also great for scar tissue and sun damaged skin and to improve acne. However, it must be repeated periodically to be effective.

Light therapy comes next and NASA, no less, have done the research behind this part. They found that the use of red LED light enhances cell growth and fibroblast activity, leading to the production of new collagen. The American Academy of dermatology discovered that blue LED light can be used to destroy the bacteria that produces the inflammation associated with acne.

Hydratone is the next step, which is a silicon gel mask that has been infused with powerful hydrating properties. Rollers gently massage the face, causing the mask to become electrically charged so that the whole face is bathed in rejuvenating energy.

So, after all that science bit, who's using the treatment? Some of the celebrities who swear by it are breakfast show presenter Lisa Snowdon, Corationation Street actress Stella says it is her top beauty tip and Cliff Richard also is a fan and, after all, he is like Peter Pan.

So the first tester came back from her mission and this is how she got on. Tester 1 is getting married soon and felt that her skin was dull and dehydrated with blemishes and blocked pores. It's not what any bride wants. She felt the therapist explained every step of the facial to her and was very relaxed. Our bride to be is aged 30 and felt it really worked on her laughter lines and that the microdermabrasion did wonders for her clogged pores. She was sufficiently impressed to book in to continue treatments right up to wedding as she saw such a difference.

Tester 2 also said the treatment was amazing and booked in for more.Tester 2 is aged 60 and was concerned with sagging skin and wrinkles. She did feel her skin looked a bit red but this went away after a couple of hours and she loved how plumped out her skin felt afterwards. She also liked that you could sign up for course, but pay individually for them.

I am in-between the testers ages and I found the treatment out of this world - well after all

we are talking NASA. My therapist knew her stuff and the treatment, which takes an hour and a half, was very relaxing. The salon was very busy - always a good sign - and a very friendly place to be. Like tester 2, I felt my skin a little red afterwards but was gone down within 10 minutes. My skin was more toned and as the days went on I saw better results. Without a doubt it was the best lifting facial I ever had and would highly recommend it.

People have been asking me how long would results last for and I think it would be like exercise - you need to do it regularly but the results great. The treatment costs €95 - all enquiries to Beauty by the Beach, Ballybunion (068-25000).

I would like to thank the first testers. It was a pleasure to deal with and each and every one of you did and you all did a great job. Next week I am looking for two testers for a home peel by a great company called Neostrata. The treatment is used for skin rejuvenation, acne, open pores, pigmentation and brightening. Great for face, neck and hands . Also I am looking for two testers for Neostrata triple firming neck cream, which helps lift and firm sagging necks and helps reduce discolouration and pigmentation from skin damage.

Parknasilla Resort and Spa are celebrating because the spa team were highly commended for innovation for the their signature treatment called, Parknasilla Journey of Wellness and I am looking for a tester to try it out and I might add you are in for a big treat .

Pop in to Helen Parker at the Lanctme counter in CH Chemists, The Mall, Tralee, where she will be doing complimentary Genifique mini facials from the 26th of June for four days only.

I will be on Radio Kerry next Tuesday with presenter Deirdre Walsh at 2pm when we will be discussing beauty as a career and new products and treatments. Thank you to everyone who liked my new facebook page maryodonnell beauty where lots of good advice is to be found. Testers email me or write to Mary O'Donnell, The Kerryman, 9/10 Denny St Tralee.