Fozzy bears the pain to win 100-miler

Dónal Nolan

Kerry Crusader super athlete William 'Fozzy' Forristal pulled off one of the greatest sporting achievements in the country on Saturday as he endured the worst weather the West could throw at him to win the famous Connemara 100-miler - running continuously for 16 hours and 41 minutes!

The Lixnaw man - who is chairman of the Crusaders group - far surpassed his own target on Saturday in a feat of endurance he said was as much a mental and emotional battle as a physical one.

"It was the hardest event I have ever done and by far my greatest and proudest day. The aim was to finish, anytime would do but to be honest, the time I did was beyond what I thought I had in me. And the tears in my eyes finishing proved that."

He couldn't have done it without his support crew and family, he said.

"Mike 'The Chemist' Kissane, a great and close friend was my crew along with the super brother in law who jumped at the idea and helped me so much. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. And of course my wife Tara, who is my rock and who I love to bits and of course my four kids, Aidan, Kelly Cian and Eoin. They're the best crew anyone could ask for!" 

His great humour remains intact meanwhile - evident in his summing-up of the achievement: "What I gained last Saturday was a privilege, what I lost...was two legs, four toenails and and three nights' sleep!"