Forty years and counting for Cromane Pier

Cllr Michael Cahill
Cllr Michael Cahill

Stephen Fernane

Cromane is one of the largest exporters of mussels and oysters in the country and more should be done to ensure it has a fully functioning pier, according to Fianna Fail Cllr Michael Cahill.

"The fact that tractors and trailers have to reverse into the sea to unload from trawlers in this day and age is an outrage," said Cllr Cahill.

The councillor tabled the motion at a recent meeting of Kerry County Council requesting greater assistance for the pier project and he highlighted Cromane's 40 year wait for a pier.

He called on the relevant bodies to do everything humanly possible to bring the project to fruition.

"Kerry County Council should set up and spearhead a committed working group, in conjunction with all associated agencies, to ensure the people of Cromane get their long awaited pier. The fact this is going on for over four decades isn't good enough," he added.

In its reply, Kerry County Council said it would re-examine the feasibility, development and associated infrastructure works at Cromane Pier but added that provision for a pier was originally estimated to cost between €6.5m and €8m.

KCC explained how the Department of the Marine would have to fund this development as Kerry County Council has no funding stream for capital works in piers and harbours, except through 'The Fishery Harbour and Coastal Infrastructure Development Programme' which is subject to a project cap of €150,000. Funding for Cromane pier would naturally be curtailed under such financial remits.

However, the council said following completion of its feasibility study, it would re-examine and progress the development in conjunction with associated agencies.