Flying the flag for Kerry at Papal Mass

Causeway sisters to perform for over 600,000 in Phoenix Park

The O’ Neill sisters from Causeway will fulfil a lifelong dream later this month when they sing at the Papal Mass.
The O’ Neill sisters from Causeway will fulfil a lifelong dream later this month when they sing at the Papal Mass.
The singing sisters will have a 15-minute slot

Fergus Dennehy

Three Causeway sisters will achieve a lifelong goal later this month when they perform for over 600,000 people - including the Pope himself - at the Papal Mass in Phoenix Park on August 26.

Fiona, Naomi and Eve O'Neill, known professionally as 'The O'Neill Sisters', had already secured a role in Pope Francis' upcoming visit after three of their songs had been chosen to feature on the official album for the visit.

Now though, the talented trio have gone one better after securing a 15-minute slot to perform in person for the Pope and the estimated 600,000 people who will travel to Dublin.

"I'd say we blaggarded every one that we knew," Fiona laughed, when asked how they managed to secure the role.

"When we first heard that the Pope was coming, we thought to ourselves 'oh my god, we have to sing for him'. I mean, we grew up singing in churches and we have songs like 'Amazing Grace' and 'Let it Be' so we thought that the Papal Mass would be a perfect fit for us," Fiona continued.

After a whirlwind media tour around multiple radio stations to promote their songs "Oceans", "You'll Never Walk Alone" and "No Frontiers" on the album, Fiona says that she and her sisters would be just a little bit cheeky at the end of their interviews when they would send out a plea to be asked to perform for Pope Francis.

"Eventually we got the call from the event organiser and he gave us the slot on the Sunday morning; I think that we are on before the Papal Mass," she continued.

At 600,000 people, this will obviously be the biggest crowd that the three sisters have ever performed in front of - and not that they are competitive, but Fiona jokingly pointed out that the most that Ed Sheeran ever performed for in one go was only 80,000.

"We take that we're doing it one better than Ed Sheeran," she laughed.

"We can't wait. We're just so excited to get up there and start singing. If you'd told me at the start of 2018 that we'd be singing for the Pope eight moths later, I would have told you that there was no chance," she laughed.

"I mean, I had a feeling that 2018 was going to be a good year but jaysus, I never thought it was going to be this good," she said.

Fiona said that she, Naomi and Eve are in the process of choosing what songs to sing on the day; she said that if anyone has any recommendations, they can head over to 'The O'Neill Sisters' on Facebook and offer up suggestions.

"We initially thought that maybe the concert would be in Croke Park but don't worry we'll still proudly fly the flag for Kerry in Phoenix Park instead," she finished.

The sisters latest single is entitled "Oceans" and this is currently available to listen to on both The O'Neill Sisters' and 'The Kerryman' Facebook pages.

Best of luck, ladies!