Flower power in Lissivigeen NS

IF you bought a bunch of daffodils in Killarney over the weekend then the chances are they were bundled together and packaged by the industrious pupils of Lissivigeen National School.

On Thursday morning crates containing thousands of daffodils arrived at the Killarney school ahead of the Irish Cancer Society's annual Daffodil Day initiative. Donated by Michael O'Shea, the daffodils filled the room with a blaze of yellow.

"It's something we've been doing for the past five years and the pupils get to be a part of something that will benefit so many people," Principal Michael McAuliffe said.

Fourth, fifth and sixth class pupils create bundles of 10, tie them together and wrap them in paper that highlights just what Daffodil Day is all about and the principal says it helps raise awareness in the pupils' homes as well.

"The children learn all about Daffodil Day and where the money goes to, while their families are more inclined to go out and buy the daffodils too," Michael added.