Fire service tend to bonfires

THE current Halloween custom of kids visiting door to door and being given various treats as they go seems to have taken over in many areas from the tradition of going with 'the wran' on St Stephen's Day. However, it's always nice to see the kids at Halloween as they go their merry way, accompanied by parents or guardians. It's an innocence which they will always look back on with fondness and nostalgia.

Regrettably, the pleasant memory of the wide eyed kids with their eager expectation was obliterated for the residents of Chapeltown, and also for the kids, with the subsequent goings on that night. Two major bonfires were put in place on main roads close to the church and disrupted traffic for a considerable time. This resulted in two fire brigades and a Garda car being called.

Many of the residents were extremely angry and upset by these incidents and they also make the point that if a major fire emergency occurred elsewhere the fire brigades would have been unavailable as a result of actions by individuals with brittle and flagging egos. Parents will have to take more responsibility and control.


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