Fighting flooding in Ballyheigue

WORKS are getting under way in Ballyheigue to combat the regular flooding that affects the Tralee road and to protect the community's precious sand dune system.

Like many other parts of the Kerry coast, the Ballyheigue area was hammered by storms and high tides over the past two months with some of the worst damage witnessed on its sand dunes, which stretch several miles south as far as Barrow.

Storms washed away a large part of the dunes, about 200 metres south of the lifeguard hut, and blocked the river flowing out near the Black Rock with a large deposit of sand. But work got under way there this week to repair the damage to the dunes. Sand was removed from the blocked river at Ardkeragh and used to fill-in the large section of the dunes further north that had been washed away.

"It was great to see the work get under way this week and it is believed that with the river at Ardkeragh no longer blocked the flooding on the bog road, between Ballyheigue and Tralee, will become a thing of the past," local Fianna Fáil councillor John Brassil said.

"The build-up of sand at Ardkeragh was blocking the river and causing the regular flooding so hopefully we will be able to put that behind us now."

Cllr Brassil also urged everyone to come out and take part in a second clean-up on the beach on Saturday next, March 8, from 11am.

A small army of locals made massive inroads to the post-storm detritus on the beach last Saturday week.

"This should take care of all of it now we hope!" Cll Brassil added.


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