Fears erosion will cause road collapse

Cllr John Brassil and John P. Leen examine the erosion in Ballyheigue.
Cllr John Brassil and John P. Leen examine the erosion in Ballyheigue.

Dnal Nolan

ACTION needs to be taken immediately to avert a potential fatality in Ballyheigue where erosion is threatening to collapse a major local road.

Recent erosion on Kerry Head has opened a cliff face just under the main road into Ballyheigue.

Locals are in no doubt that the road will collapse if immediate emergency works to stabilise the situation are not undertaken by Kerry County Council.

They fear someone will be killed if the road collapses when cars are driving it.

"The road is very busy as it serves a big population on Kerry Head, including the 120 people living in the Marian Park and Sráid Thaidhg estates in the area," local Kerry County Councillor John Brassil said.

He has been fighting for remedial works at the site of the erosion for the past five years when the coast first began crumbling at that particular point.

"It's considerably worse now with another recent slippage and in my view this is an emergency situation that requires urgent action. It is less a question of if it will collapse than when it will collapse and we know what the consequences will be if people are driving there when it happens," Cllr Brassil added.

Funding is the big question now for the county council on the matter, officials informed Cllr Brassil on Monday. The authority is now to figure out how much a permanent solution to the problem would cost.

Cllr Brassil was informed that the eroded area cannot be tackled by a temporary fix given the nature of the land there.

"As far as I'm concerned action needs to be taken now. The council has carried out solid work to protect the land between Ballyheigue and the slipway in Dromatour over the past ten years but this area is in serious danger and needs to be dealt with now," he said.


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