Dodgy workmen pose as county council staff

PEOPLE in Ballybunion and the greater area have been warned not to trust anyone calling to their doors claiming to have been working for the council and offering their services. Several enquiries from the Ballybunion area were received by Kerry County Council on Tuesday over supposed council contractors in Ballybunion approaching people and offering to carry out paint work.

A number of businesses in Ballybunion were approached by the men who said they had been contracted on a council job, had paint left over from the work and would paint anything needed on the cheap.

"The issue we have is people using our name in this manner," Council communications officer Pádraig Corkery said. "The use of the council name would legitmise these people and we are anxious that no one would be taken in by it."

It was not the first time the council was used as a reference by workers canvassing homes. "It has happened on occasion in the past, we've had people claiming to have tar left over from council-contracts and offering to tarmacadam people's driveways, for example."

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