Decision to poison roadsides is shocking beyond belief

Sir, I could not believe my eyes when I read about Kerry County Council's decision to use chemicals to control our hedgerows instead of doing so by mechanical means (Kerryman, July 17). Indeed I had to recheck the date to make sure it wasn't April 1. Are these people for real? Have we not done enough damage to our environment already without poisoning what's left of it? This is an ill thought-out, ignorant decision that would be devastating for our wildlife and particularly so for our bee population whose numbers have already been devastated by the widespread use of pesticides.

That's not to mention the danger to human health. If the person spreading these chemicals has to wear protective gear to do so, does that not cause anyone to stop and think about the dangers to the rest of us? Small wonder that the prevalence of respiratory illnesses and cancers are on the increase.

This proposal is shocking beyond words. I would urge everyone to write and object in the strongest possible terms, not alone to Kerry County Council, but also to An Taisce and the Environmental Protection Agency.


Teresa Liddane,

The Spa,



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