Crows are ruffling some feathers on Rock Street

ROCK Street has some new residents who have been ruffling the feathers of pedestrians and business owners on the street in recent days.

In the last week a family of crows have made a nest on top of one of the chimneys of the closed and vacant Brogue Inn. The crows' construction efforts were helped by the abundance of building material strewn around the streets by Storm Darwin and the rapid progress of their development project has been the topic of much conversation in the last week.

While curious onlookers and amateur bird watchers have taken a keen interest it's the habits of the birds who built the nest that are causing the most debate.

Several people walking down Rock Street, including this reporter on Monday morning, have been subjected to some angry and surprising fly bys with the crows, who appear to be trying to protect their nest, swooping down onto the street and in many cases missing pedestrians' heads by mere inches. While it's always nice to see nature in action several people have contacted The Kerryman to alert the public to the danger in the hope that the crow family might be relocated to more suitable home.

Sounds like a job for the council's housing department!