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Man walked towards Ballybunion with knife on jeans’ waistband

20-year-old Ballybunion man also before court for causing criminal damage at local public toilets


Listowel District Court took place last Thursday

Listowel District Court took place last Thursday

Listowel District Court took place last Thursday


Judge David Waters has expressed his concern after noting that a Ballybunion man was found walking back into town, armed with a knife, shortly after being brought home – while ‘very intoxicated’ – by a relative.

Michael Falvey (20) of Doon East, Ballybunion, was before Listowel District Court last Thursday charged with several offences on two separate dates. These offences included possession of a black-handled, nine-inch blade, which he was found to be carrying on his jeans’ waistband on December 21, 2019.

This was after he was brought home by his uncle on the date in question. Mr Falvey was also charged with two public-order offences at Lartigue Lane, Ballybunion, on the same date, as well as possession of cocaine at East End, Ballybunion.

Mr Falvey has since been charged with criminal damage at Ballybunion Public Toilets, Men’s Beach, Strand Road, Ballybunion, on February 20 of this year. Sgt Kieran O’Connell told the court that Mr Falvey was in a drunken state and hit out at the door of the toilets, causing damage of more than €135.

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Sgt O’Connell said Mr Falvey had made full admissions, and the court heard that compensation had been paid in the matter.

Sgt O’Connell added that Mr Falvey has no previous convictions and was not otherwise on Gardaí’s radar.

Defence solicitor John Cashell said that Mr Falvey was highly intoxicated on the date of his earlier offences and had no memory of how he came to be in possession of a knife. He said his client is an otherwise “nice gentleman” but needs to learn his limits when it comes to drinking.

He pointed to his client’s young age – he was 18 at the time of the December 2019 offences, and 19 when the later offence occurred – and described him as being hard working and holding down full-time employment.

In relation to the February 2021 incident, he said Mr Falvey had shown character in attending a Garda station the next day, explaining to Gardaí at the time what had happened and that he was to blame.

Judge Waters said he was most concerned about Mr Falvey’s possession of a knife on December 2019. He adjourned all matters until January 20 and agreed to strike out the other offences on condition that Mr Falvey pays €500 to Garda charity Little Blue Heroes. He will reserve judgement on Mr Falvey’s possession of a knife until the January 20 sitting.