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Crash was ‘millimetres’ from being a fatal incident Listowel court hears


'Momentary lapse' for nurse resulted in €250 fine

'Momentary lapse' for nurse resulted in €250 fine

'Momentary lapse' for nurse resulted in €250 fine


A NURSE driving from a volunteer shift at a nursing home during COVID failed to stop at a junction and crashed into another vehicle in what was a very serious accident, Listowel District Court heard last week.

Ciara Boyle with an address at 13 Castlemorris Orchard, Ballymullen, Tralee, was before the court charged with driving without due care and attention at Derry, Listowel on November 14, 2020 arising out of the accident which left her with serious injuries. 

The court heard that the accident occurred after a ‘momentary lapse’ after Ms Boyle failed to stop at crossroads just beyond the funeral on the Tarbert Road and crashed into a car coming from Listowel. 

Solicitor Brendan Ahern said it was a ‘a very bad accident’ 

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“It was millimetres from becoming a fatal accident.” 

The court was told that Ms Boyle is a nurse in the hospital but was volunteering in a nursing home during Covid. She suffered three fractures to her spine, as well as broken ribs and a collapsed lung. 

“She came off it badly,” said Mr Ahern. 

The other party suffered soft tissue injures. 

Judge David Waters said it was a momentary lapse and convicted and fined her €250.