Council warns of 'algal scum'

Locals and visitors to Killarney are being urged to take great caution with their pets around Lough Leane amid an 'algal scum' warning.

The Council is this week erecting signs alerting people to the potential presence of the noxious algal growth.

It follows lab testing which confirmed the presence in the Lough Leane waters - Killarney's main lake - of a blue-green algae. It's feared this type of algae has the potential to form the scum - which is toxic if ingested.

The particular threat is to pet dogs drinking the lake water.

A council spokesperson said: "In accordance with protocols for these situations, precautionary signage has been erected at locations along the shore of Lough Leane and those who frequent the shoreline are being advised to exercise caution. As a precaution, members of the public should ensure that dogs are kept on leads and not allowed to enter the water."

They said the Council is monitoring the situation closely, carrying out daily inspections of the shore as well as regular sampling of the water.