Council on track to meet its build and buy targets

As Kerry County Council attempts to deal with the county's Housing List - which currently contains around 4,000 names - it has agreed to buy 71 houses around the county.

At Monday's monthly meeting of the council, management told members that they are at "sale agreed" stage on 49 houses under the local authority's acquisition programme.

The purchase of 23 houses has also been agreed under the council's 'Buy and Renew' scheme.

Under the terms of the €62 million housing plan for the county announced in 2015 - as part of the Government's €1.5bn social housing programme - Kerry County Council had set a target of acquiring 75 houses under the acquisition programme and buy and renew scheme in 2017.

The council is also on track to meet its target on the upgrade of vacant council properties across the county. The council had set a target of returning 100 'void' properties to the available social housing stock in 2017.

To date this year work on 96 'voids' has been completed - of these 67 are awaiting tenants.