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Council and Gardaí take action to ensure Tralee Town Park is safe


Tralee Town Park

Tralee Town Park

Tralee Town Park


KERRY County Council have pledged to crackdown on anti social behaviour in Tralee Town Park and say they have already taken action to address problem areas in the park and its surrounds.

The pledge follows regular reports and complaints from the public about open drinking; the dealing and abuse of drugs and general anti social and threatening behaviour that they have encountered while trying to enjoy the park in recent months. 

Last April a woman, who was out walking her dog in the Park, was left traumatised when she was sexually harassed and threatened by a man who appeared to be heavily intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics. The incident led to calls for a far greater garda presence in the park and more foot patrols of the area.

Just last month The Kerryman also reported on the shocking discovery of 13 syringes in the Garden of the Senses (near the gate entrance to St John's Church) by a couple out for an early morning walk.

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At Monday’s monthly meeting of the Tralee Municipal District council Cllr Terry O’Brien (Lab) pressed management on what they were doing to deal with the anti social behaviour that, he said, is leading to “negative press” about the Park. 

In response council management said they are working in close partnership with gardaí to ensure the Park is safe for all its users and have taken several steps – following consultation with gardaí –  to “discourage” anti social behaviour and make the area easier to patrol.

These include significantly cutting back hedges and plants to make the ‘Garden of the Senses’ more visible from the outside, a move the council says has already led to greater use of the amenity by the public.

Recently the quarry to the rear of Siamsa Tíre – another popular gathering spot for drinkers and drug users –  was also cleared, greatly improving visibility into the area.

"Feedback from regular park users has been positive with regard to these initiatives and many have advised Parks staff that the maintenance measures have resulted in an improved sense of security throughout the park,” management told Cllr O’Brien.

Management added that gardaí have introduced a number of specific measures aimed at curbing anti social behaviour and drug use in the park, including regular “covert” patrols by plain clothes officers .