Chris the driving force behind the 'Ultimate Cell'

Chris Adair with his Ultimate Cell in Killarney.
Chris Adair with his Ultimate Cell in Killarney.

Kevin Hughes

WORKING in a humble shed, a Kerry-based engineer has developed a game-changing product that radically cuts motor emissions and offers significant fuels savings.

Chris Adair (63) has been living on Bolus Head for the past 11 years with his wife Mary King who grew up on the rugged Iveragh outpost. On their farm close to the shoreline he developed the 'Ultimate Cell'. It's a simple enough concept - add hydrogen to the fuel to maximise an engine's performance. But it's the execution of the idea and its packaging into a pint sized device that can be installed in just 30 minutes that's simply brilliant. And it's on the market at a manageable €390 plus VAT.

"I've been involved in the motor trade for years and I'd heard people speak about the benefits of introducing hydrogen gas into the air stream of the engine, so I decided to investigate out in my shed," Chris said.

"I've extensive experience as a motor engineer and this gave me the ability to take the product from inception through to manufacture and its availability on the international market.

"There are two wires to the battery and it only comes on when the engine is running. There is a pipe heading for the air intake - so once the engine starts this introduces a very small amount of hydrogen gas.

"Once this gets into the upper cylinder where the pistons, the spark and all these wonderful things happen, it makes the fuel burn so much better," he adds.

While hydrogen has previously been used as a fuel, it's use as a combustion optimiser is new and the result is a fuel saving of up to 30 per cent, up to 80 per cent lower emissions and smoother-running engines.

The product was tested by Adrian's Auto Care in Castleisland and Chris patented the idea before seeking international backing. He found support in Portugal where the product is currently manufactured and is endorsed by the Portuguese government.

Following a 12 minute slot on Euronews, interest in the Ultimate Cell extended worldwide with enquiries from over 100 countries.

"It can be used on cars, HGVs and boats but taxi firms are particularly interested in it," Chris said. "In Lisbon the taxis have to have low emissions before they can enter the city centre, so it has really taken off there. We also have Ozone Cabs in Dublin who tested the Ultimate Cell for a combined one million miles and they reported 160km on just €5 - their overall fuel savings were around 30 per cent."

Indeed, Chris says the device has also been a major help in passing the NCT test. "We have had vehicles that have failed the NCT emissions test and mechanics have tried to do the necessary work but just can't get the emissions down, that's until they fit this product and they pass.

For further details visit where dozens of testimonials are posted, including commendations from Kerry TDs and senators. Chris can be contacted on 087 7511029.


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