Chemists enjoy welcome boost

IT'S not just ice cream vans, swimwear shops and cider sellers that have been doing well thanks to the heatwave, chemists too are enjoying a welcome summer boost in business.

Sunscreens, after sun, moisturisers and insect repellents have been flying off the shelves for the last two weeks as Kerry's sun worshipers stock up to make sure they're protected as they soak up the rays.

After the dismal and grey of the last few summers, most households have found the sunscreen and bug sprays that have been idle on shelves are out of date and new stocks are required.

Since the heatwave began O'Neill's Pharmacy in Tralee's Abbeycourt has been inundated with customers either seeking to protect themselves from sunshine and insect bites or seeking help having been burnt to crisp by the blazing sun or eaten alive by midges and mosquitoes.

"It's been very busy and we've had a big boost in sales in areas that normally wouldn't be all that busy," said proprietor Anne O'Neill.

"Most people are looking for sunscreen and aftersun and that's been flying out the door. Insect repellent and cream for bites are also in demand," she said.

"We have a lot of people coming in with bad sunburn and a lot of them are people who have gotten caught out in the sun while working and been badly burned without realising it," said Anne O'Neill.

"We also have a lot of customers with bites. There are a lot of mosquitoes and horseflies around and we've seen a good number of people with nasty bites that have swollen up in the heat," she said.


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