Chapeltown used to have four groceries

Chapeltown shopkeeper Jerh Lynch.
Chapeltown shopkeeper Jerh Lynch.

CHAPELTOWN, lying in the restful lowlands of the centre of Valentia Island is one of two of the island's villages, the other being Knightstown.

The village stands on a small river with Geokaun Mountain standing sentinel from the North.

The place is locally referred to as 'Caol' which is the Irish language term for narrow, coming from the narrowness of the river on which it stands. 'Caol is the original and more ancient name with another Irish language term for the village being 'Baile An tSeipeil', the village of the church, or churchtown which is a placename that is to be found throughout the country.

Up to a few decades ago the village boasted four grocery shops, a butcher shop and a Post Office all alas now defunct.

The Postmistress, Maria O'Sullivan operated a grocery shop to the East of the village. Patrick Lynch and his wife, Molly, owned a butchering business and shop, later to become a pub called 'The Lub,' which is now also gone.

Martin Falvey and his wife, Bridge, ran a shop in the centre of the village and Jerh Lynch together with his wife, Ellie, had a shop to the west of the village. There was also a thriving creamery in the village.

For us youngsters who grew up there in those times it was a good place to be.

Those shopkeepers of yesteryear are all now no longer with us. God rest them all.


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