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CF sufferer Ashe pleads with public to adhere to requests to self-isolate


Ashe Spillane

Ashe Spillane

Ashe Spillane

A young Tralee woman and Cystic Fibrosis (CF) sufferer has called on the public to take the government's directives on self-isolation seriously.

Ashe Spillane, who this week celebrated her 28th birthday, is one of those most at risk from the ongoing, deadly spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Additionally, her brother also suffers with CF, while her dad has Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

She took to social media on Sunday morning in a bid to highlight the importance of why - for the sake of people like her, her brother and dad, and others at risk - people should be taking the measures seriously.

The following is what Ashe wrote on Facebook, which The Kerryman will share to raise further awareness:

"So last week I was asked to self-quarantine for my safety due to COVID-19. As most people following me are aware, I have Cystic fibrosis. It is a disease that mainly affects the lungs, so keeping myself away from the public right now is so important.

"So what's it's like being in self-quarantine you ask? It's HARD. Already, I miss seeing my family and friends. I miss going to work and having the chats with the girls. I miss my random trips around the shops, going to the gym and just being around people. Even if it's a stranger in a coffee shop.

"Every night I write out a list of things to do the next day so I can keep myself preoccupied. It's so easy in a time like this to stay in bed late, not get dressed and procrastinate around the house all day. I encourage ye all to write your own list to help ye keep busy during this time.

"In a few days I will be celebrating my 28th birthday. Not as I planned, but will celebrate all the same...

"Every day since I was born, with the help of my parents, I've worked hard to stay alive. Especially for the last five years. The standard measures most people are taking with COVID19 are the measures Cystic fibrosis patients or other people with compromised immune systems have taken every day all their lives. So as you can imagine ,the measures we are taking now are even greater.

"I see on social media a lot of people dismissing this and not taking it seriously. Going out having 'the craic'. Not engaging in social distancing. I could rant on about the ignorance and how angry it makes me, but I will just leave it at this:

"I did not spend 28 years of my life working hard to keep myself well only to contract a virus because some people didn't have the common decency to adhere to the guidelines given and to look out for those who are most vulnerable.

"I would really like to see my 29th birthday, so I ask, please: Be decent. Be smart. Above all, be kind, and look out for people. It's times like these we need it most," she added.